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Breeding with a purpose


At Rogue Haus we breed top notch German Shorthaired Pointers. 

We aim to produce healthy, intelligent dogs with a natural desire to hunt and a strong pointing instinct. We want all of our dogs to be great family pets who are well mannered in the house, good with children, loving and affectionate. The dogs we breed have a willingness to receive training and a strong desire to please.

While we believe in our dogs being pets first, these dogs are meant to have a "job" in life. God gave them the purpose, desire and ability to find birds, point and retrieve, it's what they live for. ​

​Our puppies are bred and whelped in home. Their health and socialization are our top priority during their first 8 weeks of life. We use a biosensor routine, discovered and instituted by the U.S. Military K9 training program. Studies show that puppies who are exposed to biosensor training outperformed litter mates who were not exposed. They were also found to have stronger immune responses, healthier nervous systems, better heart health, an increased tolerance to stress and longer life spans. Puppies will also be exposed to various outdoor environments, rides in the car, swimming and many more fun activities.

​Rogue Haus breeds with the oversight and advice of the Colorado State University Theriogenology Hospital. They specialize in canine reproduction. 

​Please contact us if you are interested in giving one of our puppies a forever home! 

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