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Jet Black Rider's Rogue Fulger 

Weight: 54 lbs

Color: Black/Roan

Genetically Tested

AKC Registered 

Rogue is the reason this kennel exists. When we started training her to hunt it was very obviously there was something special about her. Since a very young age, Rogue has been extremely biddable with a high prey drive. Inside the home Rogue is an absolute angel, in the field she is an all star. By the end of Rogue's first hunting season she had hunted over 3 different species of birds In Colorado and naturally become steady to wing, shot and fall with very minimal training. In fact Rogue trained herself to wait for shot and fall. One of the best parts about hunting behind Rogue is watching her after a flush. She patiently watches the bird fly and doesn't take her eyes off it it. Once the bird falls, she marks it carefully and has yet to loose a bird. Rogue has amazing natural ability to hunt, combined with her ability to learn and her desire to please, she is truly one of a kind. 

Rogue has a gentle temperament and loves kids, she watches our kids as if they were her own. She is a little more on the independent side, however it is very common to have her slide in next to you for some affection. Rogue enjoys playing with other animals, hunting mice and squirrels in the back yard, cuddling, playing fetch and her favorite thing on the planet is when we pack the truck with dog kennels and shotguns. 

Rogue ranges between 50-150 yards while hunting and naturally quarters. It is not uncommon for her to run 20-25 miles in a single day of hunting. Rogue has a very good nose and demonstrates behavior changes when she get's "birdy". Rogue has pointed birds as far as 60 yards away. Hunting behind Rogue is always a pleasure. 

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