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Jet Black Rider's Oakley Dokie 

Weight: 44 lbs 

Color: Liver/Roan

Genetically Tested

AKC Registered 

Rogue impressed us so much, we were quick to get another GSP from a sister litter. Just when we thought Rogue was one of a kind, Oakley proved us wrong.  At just 8 weeks old she began pointing birds. Oak proved to be extremely intelligent and had a strong desire to please. At a young age Oakley showed a very high drive for birds, she is a bird fanatic. Although Oakley is very trainable, she did not require much training at all. She learned from Rogue and displayed an amazing natural ability to locate and point birds. At just 6 months old Oakley naturally backed other dogs and honored point in every scenario we put her in. 

Oakley is very calm, mild mannered and loves people. She is great with kids and spends a good portion of her days cuddling. At home Oakley prefers to be around people, yet in the field she demonstrates independence and courage. Oakley enjoys car rides, swimming, finding birds in the park, doing new training drills and loves being praised. Oakley requires almost no correction and learns quickly from her mistakes. 

Oakley ranges between 60-200 yards and hunts methodically. She demonstrates natural quartering and the ability to locate birds. Oakley has a slightly different hunting style than Rogue. On numerous occasions I have learned to trust Oakley's nose as she circles back on covered ground and magically finds birds we passed up. The cherry on top is Oakley's fancy staunch point, which she has demonstrated since early on.  You can be assured to find birds if you follow Oakley in a field. 

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