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Flight Level Rocky Mountain Clyde
Weight: 67 lbs
Color: Liver/ White/Ticked 

AKC Registered

Clyde is one of a kind type of dog. From a tiny little puppy at 6 weeks Clyde was a mad man for birds. He proudly caught a pigeon and held it with confidence keeping it away from his litter mates. He is very calm and well behaved in the home and a savage in the field. 

Clyde has been very mellow inside the home from the day we brought him home. He was born with an amazing ability to talk. He proudly retrieves items and speaks with a funny growl to let anyone and everyone know he has just retrieved something. Clyde loves kids, other animals and has always been a gentle giant. 

It's common to find Clyde ranging out in the field from 50-200 yards, with an easy recall to reel him in when desired. Clyde has been incredibly steady after going on point, not moving a muscle until the bird is flushed. Clyde has been incredibly easy to train and came with amazing natural abilities. Clyde only wants to please and is easily corrected and bitable. 


Clyde is our goofball, always making us laugh and always showing lots of personality.  The most notable feature about Clyde is his fancy point, raising his front paw very high and remaining incredibly motionless. 

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