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We realize that many dog owners want to be involed in their dogs training, which we greatly appreciate. This is why we offer 1 hour one on one sessions. This can include any of our specialized trainings. It is up to the trainer and dog owner to determine what they wish to work on during the session. 



  • General Obedience
    • Sit, Here, Place, Heel, Kennel, Wait, ETC
  • Bird and Gun Introduction 
    • Proper gun intro is extremely important. If done incorrectly this can ruin a hunting dog
    • Pigeons and Quail Intro
  • E-Collar Training
    • Recall to vibrate 
    • Enhance trainability 
  • Pointing Training 
    • Exposure to planted birds
    • Field work  
    • Train steadiness during a point
  • Whoa Training 
    • Formal training on the command "whoa"
    • Whoa during a point


*Birds that are shot over your dog will be billed at the end of training. 

1 Hour Private Training

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