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Rogue Haus specializes in training pointing  dogs to hunt. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible and to build dogs into wild bird hunting machines. 


We aim  to set ourselves apart by providing great communication  with dog owners. We realize it takes a lot of trust and commitment to send your dog off for training and don't take that lightly. We provide weekly updates, videos, phone call and text updates, success plans and in person visits. 


What to expect: 

  • General Obedience

    • Sit, Here, Place, Heel, Kennel, Wait, ETC

  • Bird and Gun Introduction 

    • Proper gun intro is extremely important. If done incorrectly this can ruin a hunting dog

    • Pigeons and Quail Intro

  • E-Collar Training

    • Recall to vibrate 

    • Enhance trainability 

  • Pointing Training 

    • Exposure to planted birds

    • Field work  

    • Train steadiness during a point

  • Whoa Training 

    • Formal training on the command "whoa"

    • Whoa during a point

  • Kenneling and Feed Included 

    • We feed Eukanuba 30/20 Premium Performance and Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food to our personal dogs and client dogs. 

  • Weekly Updates 

    • Weekly updates are emailed in a weekly report. 

    • Text message updates and videos of training sessions are always provided. 

    • Phone calls and visits to the kennel are provided on a scheduled basis. 

  • Private 1 hour session. 

    • Upon completion of training, owner will receive a one on one training session with their dog. 

    • This helps reinforce commands and is a great way to reintroduce the owner to his or her dog. 

  • Private Hunt

    • At the request of the owner, private hunts can be set up upon completion of training. 


4 Week Training Academy

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